About Us

We are on a mission to enable all those affected by the current global crisis to turn their problems (such as loss of a job, inability to obtain employment, or reduced pay) into an opportunity and fulfil their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Supporting founders and startups

Recerve aims to overcome the limitations the global slowdown has posed to upcoming startups by offering a large number of benefits that can be utilised to keep costs low at the early, critical stage of establishment and growth.
Recerve will do this by providing startups registered with us exclusive access to perks such as reduced membership costs and even prolonged free trials to leading software and apps that minimise costs of your operations, tech, sales and marketing, operations, management, legal, and finance functions.



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The face behind the project

Recerve is being driven by serial entrepreneur and startup investor, Co-founder of startup rating platform, Oddup, and founder and current CEO of Alluva – James Giancotti.
An experienced supporter of startups and appreciative of their contribution to global economic growth, James has seen the ups and downs of over four recessions during his career. Driven by the knowledge that opportunity is born of adversity, James launched Recerve to support those founders who are turning this volatile time into one of a new start. Convincing others of his vision to help startups and founders bounce back from the current downswing faster, he continues to add perks to the Recerve project by bringing new partners on-board.


James Giancotti

Recerve Project Lead