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Recerve offers perks including discounts on subscriptions, free extended trial periods, reduced costs and more on a number of programs, software, and applications that are applicable to the operations, tech, sales and marketing, management, legal, and finance functions of your startup.
To get perks on Recerve, you need to first signup to the platform. Once signed up, you need to incorporate your startup’s legal entity. Then, share the relevant details on your startup with us and we will send you an email with an updated list of perks with access codes crafted specially for Recerve members. You can use these codes on all partner websites to redeem your perks.
To be eligible for the perks on Recerve, startups only need to first register themselves and then share the required details. Once you signup to Recerve, you will receive a link to fill in additional information. Details of a startup’s incorporation will be part of this information. Once we receive your incorporation details, you will receive another email with an updated list of perks with access codes crafted specially for Recerve members. You can use these codes on all partner websites to redeem your perks.
Each perk includes a code specially crafted for Recerve members. To redeem the perk you want, visit the partner website and use the code on checkout. In case of a different redemption process, details of the steps required will be provided
In the event that you are unable to redeem a perk, please drop us an email at and we will help resolve the issue so that you can access the desired perk.
The team at Recerve takes 5 working days to complete the due diligence process and confirm the details you have shared. Once we complete the due diligence, you will receive an email with an updated list of perks with access codes crafted specially for Recerve members. You can use these codes on all partner websites to redeem your perks.


To help startups set up and get off the ground in this difficult time, Recerve is relying on the community. As an individual, business owner, investor, or community member, you can donate to the Recerve project. All donations are applied towards reimbursement of incorporation fees of startups.
To donate, simply click here or go to the Donation section on our homepage here. You will be redirected to a payment page, where you can donate through Bank Deposit, Credit Card, or cryptocurrency (BTC and ETH).
You can donate by clicking here. Donations are accepted in the form of Bank Deposit, Credit Card, or cryptocurrency (BTC and ETH).
Any help is greatly appreciated, from a donation to your time, or even perks from your own company, every little bit helps. If you’re interested in helping out by donating, you can click here. To help through a partnership, perk, or any other offer, please drop us an email at
At the end of each month, we will share a post and/or newsletter highlighting where your donations have been spent.

How it works

To list with Recerve, you need to first sign up through the Signup Button on the homepage. Once this is done, you will receive an email with an exclusive link that will be valid for 30 days. You need to register the legal entity of your startup within this period. Once done, you need to visit the link provided and share additional details, including proof of incorporation. Reserved takes five days to confirm the details you have submitted and, if everything is verifiable, you will receive a detailed email with all the perks to which you have access. Each perk comes with a code specially crafted for Recerve members. Utilise this code to redeem your perk.
Anybody in any location can join Recerve. Recerve is currently able to provide support for startups registered in Hong Kong, Australia and the USA. Even if you aren’t based in these locations, you can still sign up and get Recerve perks, but your company will be setup in one of the 3 countries. We are working on expanding this.
Recerve helps new startups beat the current economic stress by providing support worth thousands of dollars. Startups receive perks that reduce their incorporation as well as operational and other fees, with benefits often lasting for over a year. Recerve is a not-for-profit project that works with partners to provide startups and founders with the support they need to get their operations off the ground.
There could be a few reasons you are unable to receive perks. If you are not located in any of the three regions that we currently support, we are unable to bring you on board as yet. However, if you are registered in any of these regions and are not receiving any specific perk, please email us at and we will help resolve the issue. In the event that certain partners’ perks have been withdrawn by the partner themselves, we will be unable to continue offering the perk, but those already redeemed will be honored. However, please note that we continue to update our perks list as often as possible and will share any new available perks with Recerve members.
Reserve has put the 30 day incorporation requirement clause to ensure that the perks are received by as many startups as possible. Hence, this clause cannot be circumvented. However, if there are extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for you to incorporate your startup within 30 days, you can write in to and we will study each case individually to determine if extensions can be granted.
Recerve takes 5 days to complete its due diligence of the details submitted after you incorporate your startup. In the event that some details are unverifiable or incomplete, we are unable to allocate the perks to your startup. However, if 5 working days have passed after you have shared the additional details required and you have still not heard from us, please drop us an email at and we will look into the matter.

About Recerve

Recerve does not invest in the startups registered with us. We only act as supporters to these startups, helping them reduce their costs and maximize momentum and profit so that their chances of success greatly increase. Depending on the amount of support we recieve from the community, then any additional donations we get will be allocated to startups of Recerve
Recerve does not receive any financial benefits from this project. We are only working to reduce the impact of the existing economic downturn on new startups and help them boost employment and business as they contribute to a faster recovery.
Recerve has been set up by serial entrepreneur, ex-investment banker, successful startup investor, Co-founder of startup rating platform, Oddup, and founder and current CEO of Alluva – James Giancotti. An experienced supporter of startups and appreciative of their contribution to global economic growth, James has seen the ups and downs of over four recessions during his career. Driven by the knowledge that opportunity is born of adversity, James launched Recerve to support those founders who are turning this volatile time into one of a new start.
Recerve has been set up with the sole purpose of helping aspiring entrepreneurs set up their startups at reduced costs so as to increase their chances of success. The economic slowdown currently happening all around us has cost many people their jobs and has forced many to reconsider their professional paths. Recerve has been launched with the sole intention of helping these persons fulfil any entrepreneurial aspirations they have held for years, months, or even days, thereby enabling them to bounce back stronger, happier, and successful.
for their member startups’ incorporation costs. All donations received are applied to startups’ incorporation costs. However, we are only able to reimburse incorporation fees on the basis of the status of our fund. Startup founders are requested to submit their incorporation fee receipts via email to By doing so, they will become eligible to receive reimbursements on a pro-rata basis as well as on the basis of their presence and that of their founders.


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